The Sound of Thunder: 5th  Annual  Biggs Harley Davidson Poker Ride for Autism  to Benefit  Mountain Shadows  

By Sheryl Wilde
It’s probably the feeling of the sound that you remember more than the sound itself – like the deep sound of rolling thunder that rattles you from the inside out, leaving your whole body vibrating, tingling, long after the sound is gone.
The legendary, syncopated, uneven idle of the Harley Davidson motorcycle is only part of its mystique. Harley Davidson’s success is built on creating legends – the sound, the look, the culture – all have become an indelible part of American culture.
Unfortunately, from Hollywood to the nightly news clips, much has been made of the image of bikers as “bad boys”. Little has been made of their “other” side – their commitment to their communities, their charity work, their brotherhood, their patriotism.
A dedication to helping others in their community is what brought Biggs Harley Davidson Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Howie Wahl, to Mountain Shadows. “We are committed to being actively involved in our local community. It so happens that Mountain Shadows is right across the street from Biggs Harley Davidson.
“I noticed the Mountain Shadows buses coming and going every day. I had no idea what Mountain Shadows was, so I walked across the street to find out. As I toured the facility, my head started thinking, ‘What a great place! These people are angels on earth.’ Then I said to myself, ‘Perfect! Mountain Shadows needs funds. We want to help local organizations. Let’s have a Ride for Autism!”
Thus the Biggs Harley Davidson Poker Ride for Autism was born.
“The 5th Annual Biggs Harley Davidson Poker Ride for Autism will be held on Saturday, January 13th, from 9 am to 3 pm,” says Flor Angel, Program Director, Mountain Shadows Outreach Services. “It will be a GREAT event! The ride starts at Biggs Harley Davidson in San Marcos. The first stop is Morehead Choppers in Solana Beach.
“The second stop on the ride will be at Mountain Shadows in Escondido. We’re very excited that the riders will be able to visit our campus to get a feel for who we are and what we do at Mountain Shadows Community Homes – San Diego. They’ll be able to meet some of the residents – and the residents are already looking forward to seeing all the cool motorcycles once again!!!
“Following the ride, everyone will gather at Biggs Harley Davidson. There will be tons of food, lots of vendors, raffle prizes, and even a live band!”
“The folks at Biggs Harley Davidson have been so kind to us,” says Fred Lindahl, Mountain Shadows Foundation, Development Director. “They’ve shown an active interest in helping us and getting to know our clients. We are deeply grateful for their support and friendship. All funds raised at the Ride for Autism will directly benefit Mountain Shadows.”
To join the Biggs Harley Davidson Ride for Autism, please register in person at Biggs Harley Davidson, 1040 Los Vallecitos Boulevard, San Marcos, prior to or on the day of the event. For more information, please call Biggs Harley Davidson at 760-481-7300, or stop by their San Marcos store.
All types of motorcycles are welcome at the Biggs Harley Davidson Poker Ride for Autism. The entry fee, which includes lunch, is $15 per rider; $20 with a passenger. Lunch for non-riders is $5.
Help us rev-up the sound of thunder at the Biggs Harley Davidson Poker Ride for Autism. Your support will benefit Mountain Shadows Foundation long after the sound is gone.

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