Day Program Services

At Mountain Shadows Outreach Services (MSOS), our mission is to provide opportunities of exploration, and to open new doorways to learning that will enrich lives and inspire all individuals to achieve their greatest potential. Our goal is to provide our clients with innovative resources, creative solutions and leading-edge services in a caring, safe, comfortable, stimulating environment that fosters independence, integrity, dignity and personal choice.

We strive to advance the growth of each individual’s abilities by enhancing life, leisure and work skills that can lead to a more fulfilling, invigorating and satisfying life. We offer comprehensive, life-enriching experiences, including: Community Integration, Mobility Training, Arts/Crafts, Sensory Therapy, Computer Games/Classes, Cooking Workshops and Volunteer Opportunities. There is a 3 to 1 staffing level for all programs at MSOS which allows for a higher level of personal attention for each of our clients.

We provide a variety of programming options for our clients including:

Specialized Nursing Care

MSOS is committed to ensuring quality nursing services to our clients. We provide a full-time licensed nursing professional on staff to provide assistance with specialized nursing care needs.
Inhalation devices including oxygen
Tube feedings including hydration and care
Specialized diet orders
Seizure disorders
Indwelling catheter care
Colostomy/Ileostomy care
Insulin dependent diabetes
Dermal ulcers (stages 1 and 2)
Staph or other serious
communicable diseases
Prescribed medication regimes

Senior Support Program

For those clients 55 years of age or older, we provide a senior component that specializes in the changing needs of the adult with developmental disabilities as they enter into their senior years. Activities include:
Community Integration
Wellness Activities
Musical, Pet and Sensory
Therapy Literacy and memory activities

Tailored Day Services

For those clients interested in an alternative day program model, the Tailored Day option provides a customized day program schedule with a focus on post secondary education, community integration, and/or volunteer opportunities.

Specifically the Tailored Day program emphasis will support individuals with developmental disabilities to further develop or maintain skills in the following areas:

Community Integration:

Individuals who choose to participate in community integration as part of their Tailored Day service option will be scheduled on a variety of outings locations, such as but not limited to, public library, shopping centers and community centers. In addition to community sites, individuals can choose to learn or maintain skills related to the navigation of public transportation.

Post-Secondary Education:

Individuals who choose to participate in post secondary education as part of their Tailor Day service option will be able to choose from a variety of topics and areas of interest including but not limited to:
I. Enrollment in classes at local community college
II. Assistance with coursework
III. Skill building in literacy, reading, mathematics, and money handling.
IV. Computer skill building

Volunteer Activities:

Individuals who choose to participate in volunteer activities as part of their Tailor Day service option will be able to choose from a variety of volunteer sites including local church sites and local social service organizations.

Touring our Center

If you are interested in learning more about Mountain Shadows Outreach Services adult day program please stop by for a visit.
Tours offered daily
Monday – Friday 10 AM – 3 PM (excluding holidays)
970 Los Vallecitos Blvd Suite 140
San Marcos, CA 92069
Our promise is to strive to help each individual discover new life possibilities and to live life to the fullest. If you would like more information or like to schedule a tour of our center please call us:
Phone: 760- 736-8983