Pacific Coast Concert Band

Mountain Shadows Foundation Proudly Presents:

A Free Concert in the Park

July 20, 2023

By Sheryl Wilde

“Music is synonymous with joy,” says Don King, Mountain Shadows Board Member. “It connects everybody worldwide. It transcends everything.”

Don has been a member of the Pacific Coast Concert Band (PCCB) for about 10 years. He plays the trombone. Under the direction of Kenneth Bell, the community band, comprised of 50-70 woodwind, brass and percussion players, has performed more than 300 concerts in San Diego’s North County area.

“We all have a heart for making music and trying to bring the love of music to as many different people as we can. We hope to be able to bring the joy of music to those who are sometimes forgotten.

“Some of the Mountain Shadows folks may not be able to walk, or talk, but they may be able to hum along, or sing along, or tap their toes.”

Adds Ken, “We hope to bring to the Mountain Shadows Family, the joy of live, in-person performance. In our upcoming concert, we’ll play a medley of music that everyone knows.”

“When the residents of Mountain Shadows watch us, sometimes they shout out,” says Lisa Voisen, President, PCCB Board of Directors. 

“They get so excited! It’s the way they express the joy of the music. Music is a gateway for people, and it opens them up in so many beautiful ways.”

“We all share a love of music,” says Don. “We want to share that love with all of our Mountain Shadows Family.”